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Caroline Graham

Caroline Graham was born in Warwickshire, UK on July 17, 1931. Graham received a degree in theater writing from the University of Birmingham, but she held a number of jobs before settling on being a writer. She attended ballet school in Paris, ran a marriage bureau, worked in a factory, served in the Royal Navy, and held jobs as an actress and radio broadcaster, among other things. After attempting a variety of genres, including writing for the long-running British series Crossroads, Graham wrote the first Barnaby novel, The Killings at Badger’s Drift, which was an instant hit and was eventually selected by the Crime Writers Association as one of the hundred best crime novels of all time. The Barnaby books were adapted into a successful television series, Midsomer Murders, in 1997 (Graham herself can be seen in cameos in the early episodes). Graham lives in Suffolk, England.