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Nathan Aldyne


Valentine & Lovelace #2

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The setting? Provincetown, circa the early 1980s, otherwise known as Sodom-by-the-Sea. The place? Only the hottest party in town, darling, and you’re invited! Clarisse, for one, is thrilled to strap on her dancing shoes: Not only is there an entire gaggle of gay men (who better to appreciate her divine diva-tude?), but some of them are very pretty (and Ma’amselle does like her eye-candy). Even better, a murder is announced, and since it’s nobody that anyone knew well, Clarisse is free to disregard all the niceties of Oh, how terrible, and concentrate entirely on poking into other people’s business. Valentine’s on hand to help, of course, though a little distracted—I mean, if a gorgeous gay bartender can’t find love in 1980s P’town, he might as well hand in his Donna Summer albums. Gay Community News wrote of Cobalt, "In many ways it's not all that different from Miss Marple snooping about St. Mary Mead, only here drag queens replace governesses and coke dealers replace vicars." 

"The two leading characters are delightful...outlandishly amusing, they are now in the great tradition of the immortal Nick and Nora" --Publishers Weekly

Who's likely to like this: Fans of the "Thin Man" movies

2014 • Fiction/Mystery • 216 pages • ISBN: 9781937384869

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