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Died in the Wool

Ngaio Marsh

Died in the Wool

Inspector Alleyn #13

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World War II continues to rage on, and Inspector Alleyn continues to act as the Special Branch’s eyes and ears in New Zealand (a country admittedly not often thought of as playing a central role in the war). While his primary brief is spy-catching, he is happy to lend a hand in matters of old-fashioned policing, and that’s exactly what the Flossie Rubrick case initially appears to be. A highly opinionated and influential Member of Parliament, Ms. Rubrick was also the wife of a sheep farmer, and she was last seen heading off to one of his storage sheds. Three weeks later, she has turned up—very dead, and packed in a bale of her own wool. Had she made political enemies? Had a mysterious legacy prompted her death? Or—as Alleyn increasingly thinks likely—could the shadowy world of international espionage have intruded, improbably, on this sheep farm in the back of beyond? Died in the Wool was one of the few novels Ngaio Marsh set in New Zealand.

“In Marsh’s ironic and witty hands, the mystery novel can be civilized literature”—New York Times

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Agatha Christie and Margery Allingham

2014 • Fiction/Mystery • 264 pages • ISBN: 9781937384562

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