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Death in a White Tie

Ngaio Marsh

Death in a White Tie

Inspector Alleyn #7

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Ah, the London Debutante Season: Giggles and tea-dances, white dresses and inappropriate romances. And much too much champagne. And, apparently, a blackmailer, which is where Inspector Alleyn comes in. The social whirl is decidedly not Alleyn’s environment, so he brings in an assistant in the form of Lord “Bunchy” Gospell, everybody’s favorite uncle. Bunchy is more than loveable; he’s also got some serious sleuthing skills. But before he can unmask the blackmailer, a murder is announced. And everyone very suddenly stops giggling.

"The best detective story I have ever read" --Dashiell Hammet

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Agatha Christie and Margery Allingham

2012 • Fiction/Mystery • 336 pages • ISBN: 9781937384302

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