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Hand in Glove, by Ngaio Marsh

Ngaio Marsh

Hand in Glove

Inspector Alleyn #22

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One has to admit that the timing was peculiar. No one could doubt that Mr. Percival Pyke Period was genuinely distraught to hear that his neighbor, Harry Cartell, had turned up dead in a ditch. But how is it that Mr. Percival came to write the letter of condolence before the body was found? And how is it that Mr. Cartell came to inspire such violence? Yes he was boring, yes he was stuffy, but who would kill a man for the crime of being a bad conversationalist? If tediousness has become grounds for murder, Inspector Alleyn shudders to think of the body-count to come. Populated by an eccentric set and told from the point of view an outsider, Hand in Glove is also quite funny.

"A polished piece of work which...raises the standard of mystery prose and generally enhances the genre"—Pittsburgh Press

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Agatha Christie and Margery Allingham

2015 • Fiction/Mystery • 216 pages • ISBN: 9781631940224

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