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The Coconut Killings

Patricia Moyes

The Coconut Killings

Henry Tibbett #13

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What could be more idyllic than a Caribbean vacation at a golf resort? Maybe a vacation that isn’t rudely marred by a murder, especially one that seems to have been committed by the resort’s friendly bartender. The murder only serves to heighten the tensions—already plenty high—between the native islanders and the very pale people enjoying the resort, so Henry Tibbett is called in to pour some soothing British oil on the troubled waters. Where Henry goes, of course, trouble follows, here in the form of a rash of increasingly disturbing outbreaks of vandalism. Political passions coming to a head? Or something more grubby and sinister?

“...a worthy standard-bearer for the classical British mystery genre exemplified by Ngaio Marsh and Margery Allingham.” —LA Times

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Caroline Graham and Susannah Stacey

2019 • Fiction/Mystery • 216 pages • ISBN: 9781631941801

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