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Unexpected Night

Elizabeth Daly

Unexpected Night

Henry Gamadge #1

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Henry Gamadge, rare book expert and gentleman sleuth of 1940s New York, makes his very first appearance in this novel, Elizabeth Daly's first mystery, lending a hand to the local cops while on vacation in coastal Maine. It’s a strange case involving an apparently natural death, a large inheritance, a mysterious nighttime rendezvous, and a troupe of summer stock actors who start dying off. Something is clearly afoot, but nothing quite seems to fit. The local detective is more than grateful for Gamadge’s help and, in the end, Gamadge’s hand-writing expertise saves the day.

"Daly offers the reader a challenging case with a believable pair of sleuths, all set in a beautiful and distinctive context"—Margot Kinberg

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Agatha Christie and the Golden Age of mystery

2013 • Fiction/Mystery • 240 pages • ISBN: 9781937384777

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