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The Accomplice, by Elizabeth Ironside

Elizabeth Ironside

The Accomplice

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Just like Death in the Garden, Ironside's previous novel, The Accomplice opens in a beautiful English garden. Jean Loftus has lived at Ashe House for more than 40 years. Its tidy contours, the soft colors of the garden, speak to an orderly, gracious life, a supremely English life. But when workmen unearth a skeleton from that garden, the skeletons from Jean’s past begin rising, similarly, to the surface. And the life they speak to—a childhood in Revolutionary Russia, chaotic years as a refugee between the two world wars—was neither orderly nor English. Zita Daunsey, Jean’s neighbor in this cozy Sussex town, would like to help Jean protect her secrets. But this task is made more difficult with the sudden arrival of a mysterious, aggressively inquisitive Russian student. Whose body has been moldering in the garden? What aging sins is Jean so anxious to conceal? And in trying to help the past stay buried, at what point does Zita become an accomplice to it? Once again, Elizabeth Ironside weaves together the past and present and creates compelling characters with complicated lives and motivations.

"A spellbinding story of love, murder, and deception"—The Evening Telegraph

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Ruth Rendell, Minette Walters and Death in the Garden

2006 • Fiction/Mystery • 352 pages • ISBN: 9781933397504

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