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The Neapolitan Streak, by Timothy Holme

Timothy Holme

The Neapolitan Streak

Inspector Peroni #1

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Achille Peroni loves the spicy food and passionate arguments of southern Italy, land of his birth. But fate—and the Italian police force—have stuck him in Verona, a city of bean soup and endless problems with the Red Brigades, a vicious gang that relies on bombs and high-profile kidnappings to further its rather fuzzy political aims. When a wealthy general, head of one of Italy's finest families with a Fascist past, goes missing from his palatial estate, the Reds are the most obvious suspects. But Peroni finds himself considering a crime far more subtle and sinister than anything the Reds can dream up. A crime, in fact, that leads all the way back to Romeo and Juliet, the most famous Veronese of them all. The Neapolitan Streak is the first book in the Inspector Peroni series.

"The characters are delightfully etched and Verona is bewitchingly presented...altogether excellent"—Daily Telegraph

"The Montagues and Capulets return to life in a rich ambience of neo-Fascism, corruption and murder...stylishly done"—The Observer

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Donna Leon and Michael Dibdin

2008 • Fiction/Mystery • 288 pages • ISBN: 9781933397962

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