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The Second Woman

Kenneth Cameron

The Second Woman

Denton #3

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It’s 1901, and with the Boer War raging, England’s air is crackling with political intrigue. The rumors are so thick that the newly formed British Secret Service—formed in fact to deal with the rumors—can barely keep a lid on. But it’s not South Africa that is on everyone’s lips. Rather, it’s The Jewish Question: The armies of Anti-Semitism are on the march, even as the call to Zionism echoes ever more loudly through London’s East End. It’s all largely academic for Denton until his neighbor is murdered, and all signs point to the growing conflict between the Jews and those who hate them. He could stay out of it. He should stay out of it. But...he rather liked the woman. And the police are clueless. So Denton yet again sticks his pointy American nose into England’s business. And he keeps it there, even as the price for asking questions grows higher every day.

“Darkly compelling...Cameron has crafted a complex and gripping period whodunit.” —Publishers Weekly

2019 • Fiction/Mystery • 336 pages • ISBN: 9781631941962

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