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A Cruel Necessity, by L.C. Tyler

L.C. Tyler

A Cruel Necessity

John Grey #1

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Two-time Edgar nominee LC Tyler is best known for his series featuring Ethelred and Elsie—a third-rate novelist and his gloriously vulgar agent, respectively. And so he should be: He’s twice won Britain’s “Last Laugh” award for the Best Humorous Mystery of the Year. But with A Cruel Necessity, the first in the John Grey historical mystery series, Tyler takes a sharp turn into the shadows. There are still some chuckles to be had, but not many: This is England in the year 1657, Oliver Cromwell is in power, and joy has essentially been outlawed. A young lawyer with a taste for beer and pretty women, Grey finds pleasures enough, even in this backwater Essex town, but he’d be wise to keep his amusement to himself: A Royalist spy has been found dead in a local ditch, and Cromwell’s agents are eager—distressingly eager—to explain to Grey that this is nothing to laugh about.

"Tyler juggles his characters, story, wit and clever one-liners with perfect balance."—The Times (UK)

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Lindsey Davis's Rebels & Traitors and Iain Pears's An Instance of the Fingerpost

2016 • Fiction/Mystery • 304 pages • ISBN: 9781631941047

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