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Betrayal, by Karin Alvtegen

Karin Alvtegen


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Another dark psychological thriller by Karin Alvtegen, the Edgar-nominated author of Missing.

Eva and Jonas are two separate pots of poison, both coming inexorably to a boil. For Eva, the poison stems from the dawning realization that her cozy family life has been a lie, that her loving husband loathes her and has been having an affair. In Jonas, the poison has taken longer to bubble up. For years the keeper of his parents' secrets, he had transferred all his obsessional yearnings for connection to a woman who now lies in a coma. Both Eva and Jonas are carrying enough rage and despair to destroy themselves. But when the two of them come together, that destructive potential is magnified to a terrifying extent. In the Inferno, Dante consigned the treacherous—those who betray the people who love them—to the Ninth Circle of Hell, condemned for eternity to freeze in a lake of ice. For Eva and Jonas, that doesn't begin to describe the pain they'd like to inflict. But it's a good start.

"Alvtegen is in a class with Peter Hoeg and Henning Mankell, and also comparable to Ruth Rendell and Patricia Highsmith ... Part of the power of this novel is the relentless pace, and the sly twist that reveals itself slowly and effectively. The end is stunning"—Toronto Globe & Mail

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Scandinavian mysteries and Ruth Rendell and Patricia Highsmith

2009 • Fiction/Mystery • 288 pages • ISBN: 9781934609293

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