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Strangers Among Us

L.R. Wright

Strangers Among Us

Karl Alberg #8

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Vancouver’s “Sunshine Coast” is one of Canada’s famous beauty-spots, but as fans of L.R. Wright’s books know, it harbors eleventy-seven versions of crazy. On offer here is the adolescent variety: Eliot Gardener is maddeningly sullen as only an angry fourteen-year-old can be. He’s also, apparently, a double-murderer, having whacked both of his parents with a machete.

There’s little question that Eliot did the deed, but for Sergeant Karl Alberg it feels like a personal failure: The Coast is his patch, and he should have seen the trouble coming. He’s getting ready to marry his long-time sweetheart, but the guilt is poisoning his joy—so much so that when a second killer seems to have Alberg in his sights, the threat feels almost justified.

“From first page to final sentence, Strangers Among Us holds the reader to the story.” —The Globe and Mail

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Ruth Rendell

2019 • Fiction/Mystery • 256 pages • ISBN: 9781631941665

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