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The Backward Boy

Kenneth Cameron

The Backward Boy

Denton #5

$ 9.99

Never do favors. Hasn’t Denton learned this by now? But love will make chumps of us all, and for love of Janet Striker, Denton is making inquiries on behalf of the extremely tedious Mrs Snokes. Her husband, she declares, is innocent of the hideous charges made against him. The newspapers, however, think differently: They have dubbed him the “Barnsbury Butcher.” 

And it gets worse. For love of an old mate, Denton has taken on a chore for the man’s brattish son, entangled in a shameful liaison with a woman of beauty, spirit, and the ability to wreck his tidy little upper-class future. Hell’s bells, forget about the “do no favors” strategy; the best path may be “do not love.”

Try telling that to Denton.

“Fine plotting and distinctive characters” —Publishers Weekly 

Now in hardcover and paperback!

Who's likely to like this: Fans of a certain Mr. Holmes

2020 • Fiction/Mystery • 342 pages • ISBN: 9781631942303

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