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Scales of Justice

Ngaio Marsh

Scales of Justice

Inspector Alleyn #18

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Of all the books in the Inspector Alleyn series, Scales of Justice is the one most powerfully reminiscent of Agatha Christie, with its setting in an almost unspeakably charming little English village, and its cast of inbred aristocrats. When one of the aristos turns up dead next to the local trout-stream—with, in fact, a trout at his side—everyone is dreadfully upset, of course, but really, just a tad irritated as well: Murder is so awfully messy. Thank gawd that nice Inspector Alleyn—not really one of us, you know, but not terribly wide of the mark—is on hand to clear things up. Though one could wish that he didn’t feel compelled to ask quite so many questions.

"Probably the best strictly formal detective story Miss Marsh has ever written"—New York Times

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Agatha Christie and the golden age of detection

2014 • Fiction/Mystery • 264 pages • ISBN: 9781937384999

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