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Sheila Radley

Sheila Radley is the pen name of British writer Sheila Mary Robinson (who also writes as Hester Rowan). Robinson was part of the Women's Royal Air Force between 1951 and 1960 before settling down to become a store-owner and the assistant-postmistress in Norfolk. She began publishing romance novels under the pseudonym Hester Rowan before moving on to detective fiction. Under the pseudonym Sheila Radley she writes the Inspector Douglas Quantrill series of police procedurals, which began in 1978 with Death and the Maiden (re-released as Death in the Morning in 1979). Robinson has described her own work thus: "My murderers aren’t psychopaths, they’re not villainous or violent, they’re perfectly ordinary people under some kind of extraordinary stress, and what fascinates me is what it is that finally drives them to commit murder. That’s what I think is the really interesting thing, not whodunit but why."