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A Six-Letter Word for Death

Patricia Moyes

A Six-Letter Word for Death

Henry Tibbett #16

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It’s a slow day at Scotland Yard, so Inspector Henry Tibbett takes something of a busman’s holiday, immersing himself in the world of puzzling puzzlers. The hijinks kick off with an amusing gift: Someone unnamed has sent Henry the beginnings of a crossword puzzle. Only three clues, but the promise of more to come. 

Even more mysterious: The clues appear to point to the group of mystery writers to whom Henry has pledged to give a presentation on the Isle of Wight. (When, after all, did Henry ever stay put?) Most mysterious of all: None of the writers are who they claim to be, and one of them is in fact a murderer. Which one? For that you’ll need to solve the puzzle. Six across and then down, down, down.

“Considerable charm, atmosphere, and English geniality” —Kirkus

“A classic country-house mystery [and]…one of Moyes' best” —1001 Midnights

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Caroline Graham and Susannah Stacey

2019 • Fiction/Mystery • 250 pages • ISBN: 9781631942181

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