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Blood Relative

Carolyn Hougan

Blood Relative

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Pretty and popular, sixteen-year-old Mariah Ebinger is the typical American teen. Well, except for the weird dreams. And the helicopter phobia. And the—ok, this is pretty strange—the ability to speak Spanish. She’s, like, never even heard Spanish! But except for that stuff, totally typical.

The terrible thing is that Rolando Carrera may be typical as well. His wife and daughter murdered by the death squads in Argentina’s “dirty war,” Carrera has crossed some terrible internal line. His grief, his rage…they have blended into a toxic cocktail of obsession with one single burning aim: Kill Mariah Ebinger.

“A fast-paced tale of obsession…Hougan’s sharp prose imparts urgency to her sensitively rendered account of all-too-plausible violence and its chilling consequences” —Publishers Weekly

“A dark and disturbing thriller” —San Francisco Chronicle

Who's likely to like this: For fans of The Collector, The Secrets in Their Eyes, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2022 • Fiction/Mystery • 324 pages • ISBN: 9781631942785

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