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Death on the High C’s

Robert Barnard

Death on the High C’s

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Opera singers are often described as being larger than life, and certainly this is true of Gaylene Ffrench. Her appetites—for men, for food, for attention—are gargantuan, and her ability to irritate is similarly outsized. So when someone electrocutes the bombastic Australian contralto, few tears are shed at the Northern Opera Company. In fact, most of the company members are dancing a jig, and it falls on Superintendent Nichols to determine which of them might have helped Gaylene along to her just reward. With so many potential suspects, Nichols has his hands full, but Robert Barnard and his readers have a deliciously malicious good time. Death on the High C's is a deliriously funny comedy full of insider knowledge of the world of opera.  

"As bright and lively a detective story as one is likely to meet" --Times Literary Supplement

"The wryest wit and most scathing satirist in today's mystery" --Chicago Sun-Times

Who's likely to like this: Fans of opera, Caroline Graham and Ngaio Marsh

2005 • Fiction/Mystery • 224 pages • ISBN: 9781933397054

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