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Murders in Volume 2, by Elizabeth Daly

Elizabeth Daly

Murders in Volume 2

Henry Gamadge #3

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“New York at its most charming” (New York Times) is the setting for Murders in Volume 2, first published in 1941. One hundred years earlier, a beautiful guest had disappeared from the wealthy Vauregard household, along with the second volume in a set of the collected works of Byron. Improbably enough, both guest and book seem to have reappeared, neither having aged a day. The elderly Mr. Vauregard is inclined to believe the young woman’s story of having vacationed on an astral plane. But his dubious niece calls in Henry Gamadge, gentleman-sleuth, expert in rare book, and sufficiently well bred—it is hoped—to avoid distressing the Vauregard sensibilities. As Gamadge soon discovers, delicate sensibilities abound chez Vauregard, where the household includes an aging actress with ties to a spiritualist sect and a shy beauty with a shady (if crippled) fiancé. As always in this delightful series, Gamadge comes up trumps, but only after careful study of the other players’ cards. Murders in Volume 2, third in the Henry Gamadge series, was considered by Elizabeth Daly to be the book with which the series truly began.

"Henry Gamadge may now be counted a regular member of that choice company of the best fiction sleuths."—New York Times

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Agatha Christie

2005 • Fiction/Mystery • 256 pages • ISBN: 9781933397016

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