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Nathan Aldyne


Valentine & Lovelace #3

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In this third outing for Daniel Valentine and Clarisse Lovelace—denizens of Boston’s gay subculture of the 80s—the duo decide to open a new gay bar in a run-down building gifted to them by Clarisse’s gay uncle Noah. Like the rest of this cracklingly witty, fast-paced series, Slate is set in an exuberantly pre-AIDS world, when to be young, attractive, and not a murder victim was a dandy thing indeed. Clarisse has hauled her dainty posterior off to law school, Valentine turns the new place into Boston’s grooviest gay boite, Donna Summer is still on the radio, and there’s a dead body at the disco.

“Screamingly funny in the gayest way!” —New York Times

Who's likely to like this: Fans of the "Thin Man" movies

2014 • Fiction/Mystery • 216 pages • ISBN: 9781937384852

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