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The 9 Dark Hours

Lenore Glen Offord

The 9 Dark Hours

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It's 1941 and San Francisco is pulsing with excitement. For Cameron Ferris, newly arrived from Tiny Town, Oregon, a seat on the sidelines is thrilling enough. But then her life takes a turn: There's a strange man living in her apartment, kidnappers hanging out on the fire-escape, and all traces of her life have been scrubbed clean. Who is Cameron Ferris? And what can she do to foil a gang of kidnappers? This standalone thriller by mystery writer and critic Lenore Glen Offord offers a rare combination of noir atmosphere and a female protagonist. 

“A writer of utterly delightful tales that mixed a strong sense of fair play, a wry wit, and a shrewd sense of domestic relationships”—Sarah Weinman, editor of Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1940s.

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Dorothy B. Hughes' In a Lonely Place

2017 • Fiction/Mystery • 240 pages • ISBN: 9781631941191

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