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The Case of the Hook-Billed Kites / The Down East Murders

J.S. Borthwick

The Case of the Hook-Billed Kites / The Down East Murders

Sarah Deane #

$ 16.99

Sarah Deane 1 and 2—two books in one!

Sarah Deane is an English teacher by profession, but with these first two adventures she discovers that sleuthing—of the strictly amateur variety—may be where her truest passions lie.

The first book takes Sarah, still a grad student at this point, out of her natural New England habitat and into the wilds of Texas, where her maybe-boyfriend is keen on a spot of birdwatching. But birds are not all that she spies through her binoculars, and so the adventures begin. In Down East, Sarah is glad to be back on home ground, but somebody, it appears, is not happy in any way at all, and Sarah is forced (and secretly thrilled) to put her newfound detecting skills to use again.

“Very much in the Christie tradition…will challenge the wits of the most veteran of armchair detectives!”Library Journal

“Miss Borthwick has a keen eye and a sharp pen”New York Times

“Witty, appealing, and thoroughly delightful…an ingenious, richly satisfying mixture of the classic elements of a murder mystery”Mystery News

Who's likely to like this: Fans of academic mysteries, spunky gal sleuths, and New England

2023 • Fiction/Mystery • 576 pages • ISBN: 9781631942808

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