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The Smiling Tiger, by Lenore Glen Offord

Lenore Glen Offord

The Smiling Tiger

Todd & Georgine #3

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With the War well and truly in the past, Americans are relaxing into the warm bath of suburbia. Even groovy Northern California, even sharp-eyed Georgine and Todd McKinnon (last seen in The Glass Mask) have largely succumbed to the lure of comfortable conformity. But the McKinnons’ pleasant domesticity is shattered by the arrival of a distinctly nonconformist young man, who turns up unannounced one night, tells a wild tale, and dies a short time later. Why did he choose the McKinnons to hear him out? Sure, he hoped Todd would write a check, eager to turn the strange story into one of the thrillers he regularly sells to the pulps. But could there have been another reason? One bizarre phone call, and Georgine is all too ready to believe there might have been...

The Smiling Tiger was originally published in 1949.

"Mrs. Offord lives in Berkeley, and writes distinctly clever upper-drawer mystery tales...with murder and satire and cold chills sprinkled over the plot liberally"—Salt Lake Tribune (contemporary review)

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Margaret Maron and Craig Rice

2016 • Fiction/Mystery • 240 pages • ISBN: 9781631940989

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