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The Student Body / Bodies of Water

J.S. Borthwick

The Student Body / Bodies of Water

Sarah Deane #

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Sarah Deane 3 and 4—two books in one!

Grad student Sarah Deane was birdwatching in Texas when she discovered her true calling as the “Nancy Drew of the 1980s” (Publishers Weekly), but now she's brought her eagle eye home to Maine.

Back at Bowmouth College as a newly minted teaching fellow, Sarah learns there are things even deadlier than academic infighting. One reviewer noted that he was “actually tempted to assign the book to grad students, so they'll know what they're getting themselves into.” Her next adventure is on the water, kicking back on a swanky yacht in exchange for helping the oddball owner distribute Bibles to churches along the rocky coast. It's smooth sailing until another passenger turns up dead, and Sarah realizes (with some terror and just a little sleuthy delight) that a death on a ship at sea is just a water-logged version of a locked-room mystery.

“Miss Borthwick has a keen eye and a sharp pen”New York Times


“With a nice twist of wry humor…Borthwick has the right stuff!”Washington Post


“Top-notch mystery”The Houston Post

Who's likely to like this: Fans of academic mysteries, spunky gal sleuths, and New England

2023 • Fiction/Mystery • 648 pages • ISBN: 9781631942990

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