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The Sunken Sailor

Patricia Moyes

The Sunken Sailor

Henry Tibbett #2

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Poor Inspector Tibbett! Once again, he is attempting to have a nice vacation. And once again, Crime has a different idea. This time, Tibbett and his cheerful wife, Emmy, are lazing on a friend’s yacht, tacking from one little English sea-town to the next, and it should all be delicious indolence…except that Henry can’t stop thinking about death. Well, one death in particular. The death of a local sailor. And he especially can’t stop thinking about it when it starts looking as though the drowned sailor is somehow connected to the robbery at a nearby manor-house. As with so many of the books in this series, much of the pleasure lies in the setting’s timelessness: It’s officially 1961 for The Sunken Sailor, but in Berrybridge Haven, and on England’s peaceful waterways, it is time out of mind. (The Sunken Sailor has also been published as Down Among the Dead Men.)

“Moyes created intricate plots, highly ingenious ways to kill someone, and unforgettable characters.” Mystery Scene Magazine

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Caroline Graham and Susannah Stacey

2018 • Fiction/Mystery • 264 pages • ISBN: 9781631941290

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