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The Wooden Overcoat

Pamela Branch

The Wooden Overcoat

$ 16.95

A comedy of manners and the odd dead body

London is full of clubs. The Garrick, for example, caters to those with theatrical inclinations, the Athenaeum to eggheads. But the Asterisk may have the strictest membership regulations: Acquitted murderers only. 

Happily, Benjamin Cann fits the brief. Sure, he strangled Rachel Bolger with a length of pongee silk, but the jury thought different, so while Benji's old landlord may not want him back, the Asterisk gang—suave Clifford Flush (pushed ladies off trains), Mitteleuropean sexpot Lilli Cluj (crushed her husband with a bumper-car), et al.—offers a warm welcome. Benji doesn't love the thought of sharing digs with people more than usually inclined to poison the sherry, but the motherly Mrs. Barratt (dosed Mr. B with ground glass) is delighted. So nice to have fresh blood. And it will be such fun to watch him meet the neighbors!

“Ingenious farce...even the dead bodies are ghoulishly diverting” —Sunday Times

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Christianna Brand and Lynn Truss

2024 • Fiction/Mystery • 264 pages • ISBN: 9781631943102

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