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Thinner Than Water

E.X. Ferrars

Thinner Than Water

Virginia and Felix #3

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Against her better judgment, Virginia Freer has agreed to be a witness at an old friend’s second wedding—against her judgment because the other witness is Felix, her sort-of-ex-husband. On the other hand, she does rather enjoy Felix…in small doses.

Thank heavens for that, because little else about the wedding is enjoyable, from the oddly unwelcoming hostess to the vicious murder of the groom’s father, shortly after the spectacularly dull reception. At least the police are amusing—right out of a third-rate comedy, with their insistence that this was just a robbery gone wrong. True, some silver appears to be missing, but Felix and Virginia have (sadly) seen enough murders to know when a fellow has been deliberately whacked in the head. Nailing down the details and persuading the police will take some time. It seems Virginia is in for rather a larger dose of Felix than she bargained for.

Fascinating and wholly absorbing...E.X. Ferrars is nowhere as well-known as she should be.” —Mystery*File

Who's likely to like this: Fans of the Thin Man films and Jonathan Gash’s Lovejoy series

2022 • Fiction/Mystery • 208 pages • ISBN: 9781631942747

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