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Flowers for the Judge, by Margery Allingham

December 9, 2013

Holiday Sale

Today’s special: Flowers for the Judge, by Margery Allingham

A great mystery can offer all kinds of pleasures. It can feature the hero or heroine we’d all secretly like to be, or provide fiendishly clever distraction, or ratchet up our tension even as we enjoy the constant, delicious reminder that no, we are not alone in a crumbling mansion while a storm rages and a madman with a knife roves the moors.

It can also offer escape, a window – near as dammit to the Narnia wardrobe – on another place, another time, a set of circumstances that, however troublesome, are blissfully, manifestly not our own. This time of year, many of us could use a little escape, just an hour’s respite from the wrapping and the shopping and the planning and the baking and the sometimes manic jollification. Just an hour or two in a world where gentlemen wear hats and ladies wear gloves and the cars are fabulous and everybody has a butler. Just a brief trip…to the Golden Age.

At Felony & Mayhem, we typically offer our customers a holiday sale, special pricing on a wide range of books we think would make particularly good gifts. This year, we’ve decided to focus instead on gifts for our readers: We will be offering some really special prices on books by two of our best-loved Golden Age writers. We’re putting both Albert Campion and Gervase Fen series on sale at 25% off all month. And in addition to that, we’ll also offer a rotation of additional discounts on individual titles. The offers will change every day, so – to paraphrase Mr. Twain – if you don’t like what you see, wait five minutes.

Wishing you some very happy reading.



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