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June 9, 2014

Monday Marple: Disneyfied

Aaaaaand it’s time for another Monday Marple. And to be perfectly honest, I INVENTED the Monday Marples purely so I’d have the chance to bring you this eye-seering little tidbit.

In truth, the picture is not quite as frightening as it seems: It’s a Photoshopped imagining of what Jennifer Garner might look like in costume as the Sage of St. Mary Mead. But what is not imaginary is the fact that Disney acquired the rights to the Marple character, and announced plans to “update” the series, with Ms. Garner set to star. (To be fair, it seems that the plan was to craft a series about Miss Marple’s grand-niece, or something, rather than to attempt to pass off the Texas-born, 40-something Ms. Garner as a tweedy old English lady.)

Good news: The original announcement came out three years ago, with zip to show for it so far, so maybe this plan — and just how bad is it, Johnny? — is dead in the water. One can only hope.

Bad news: There are some rumblings on the Interwebs to suggest that it may have been revived. You know how I railed against Helen Hayes’ Marple, claiming she was too adorable by half? COME BACK, HELEN!! All is forgiven!



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