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June 2, 2014

Marple Monday: The Marples that Might Have Been

It’s the first ever Marple Monday! Will we be able to keep up the alliteration? Depends on how many Marplish factoids we can turn up. But for the moment, let’s open with some coulda-shoulda-woulda Marples – actresses who were rumored to be in consideration for the role when Geraldine McEwan hung up her magnifying glass, and Britain’s ITV went looking for someone else to play everybody’s favorite snoopy old lady. The part eventually went to Julia McKenzie. Was she the right choice? Take a look at the line-up below, and let us know!


Victoria Wood (too sexy, too young)


Julie Walters (too fabulous)


Anna Massey (ooooh, that might have been a Marple I could get behind! Get this woman a cardigan, STAT!)


Eileen Atkins (not bad…but just a little too wackdoodle; I can’t shake off the memory of her wonderful turn in “Cold Comfort Farm”)


Prunella Scales – also tipped as the next Marple – did in fact show up in ITV’s “A Pocket Full of Rye”…but in a different role. Too bad: I could see that as a Marple-ish face.

And here are our posts on Marples through the ages and a very obscure German Marple.



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