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Finally, Print Books Are Back

Print is back, we can hear the pages turning! Hey-la, hey-la, print is back!

Ok, ok, it’s back, but everyone's still being careful. The distribution warehouse is up and running, alive and kicking, oh, joy!—but they are still operating at a lower capacity than usual, and we know shipping may move a little slowly. So, just as NYC has approved cocktails to go, softening the sting of lockdown and the longer delivery times as we wait for our dinners, we have come up with some goodies, a spoonful of sugar that, we hope, will make waiting for the post more than worthwhile. 

Goody No. 1: A discount, of course! How does 25% off our new Great Escapes collection sound to you? No code necessary; shop as usual, and the discount will be automatically applied in your cart to any books from the collection.

Goody No. 2: That discount is only for print readers. In fact, the books we’ve got on sale are not even available in ebook format. Print readers, that gives you two, yes two ways to feel smug! 

Goody No. 3: The opportunity to try before you buy. People who are not passionate readers don’t get this, but we know that the right book is as individual as a perfect pair of jeans, the ones that fit just so. So we are thrilled to offer samples for select books, allowing you to read the first chapter before you put down your hard-earned money. The program is in its infancy, but you can read the openers to all the Great Escape titles, as well as a few more, and we expect to add new ones on a regular basis. 

We're all still doing the infection-control cha-cha, utterly necessary but certainly not conducive to seasonal fun, so please—enjoy the goodies. We hope they'll be something like a frozen margarita, making the long, hot summer just a bit easier to take. 


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