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We’re stuck!

We admit it: We’re stuck. Not between a rock and a hard place, but between their contemporary equivalents—one software system and another. In order to sell you books, we have to persuade these two systems to talk to each other, but right now, one is speaking English and the other….I’m thinking it’s 17th-century Pashto. We don’t want to invite you to order books, only to have to send you emails apologizing because those books are delayed…and delayed…and delayed, so for the moment, our website is out of the bookselling business. 

However, we remain very much in the book publishing business; our books are most certainly still available elsewhere, and we want you to know all about them!

With that in mind, we're keeping everything up on the website for easy browsing, including all the information about upcoming titles and all our Try Before You Buy sample chapters. We'll be adding more as the season goes on. It's also worth mentioning that a (free!) subscription to Edelweiss+ (in which we have no financial interest) will let you read a tasty spread of our First in Series titles without a single dollar changing hands. We hope the free chapters and Number Ones will encourage you to poke around as you would in your favorite local bookstore. You don't have a favorite local bookstore? Perhaps you could check out, which gives you access to hundreds of indie booksellers, with shop-in-your-PJs convenience. And of course we don't have to remind you about the big national retailers.

We are working hard to get things unstuck, and we hope to be back in the business of directly providing you with books very soon. We will be sending out a HURRAY WE’RE BACK message as soon as the canal opens up, so please do consider signing up for our newsletters—they're respectfully infrequent, we promise. In the meantime, do consider buying from your local bookstore; they could really use your patronage these days. And finally…let’s be careful out there.*


*BIG GOLD STAR to the first five people who can tell us what TV show made that line a classic. Extra credit if you can name the character who said it. 


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