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Why the Paws?

Our boxes are full of books, not cats (fortunately...or unfortunately, depending upon your perspective?), but you get the idea.

We're taking advantage of the post-holiday doldrums to get through a long-overdue move to a new warehouse and shipping company! The result should be better service for everyone, end to end, but for now, all our print books are packed up in (cat-free) boxes, and we cannot send them to you. We expect to be back up and ready to offer you the best in printed Mayhem soon, but in the meantime...ebooks! Bless them. Neither snow nor rain nor moving day can keep them from flying safely to our readers. You can browse our entire ebook selection here.

And if you prefer to wait for honest-to-goodness paper books again, we understand, and we humbly suggest that you sign up for our newsletter if you haven't already. We will be sending out info about the reopening of print sales, with a tasty discount as usual, but you'll only get the good news if we can reach you!

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