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The Other Devil's Name

E.X. Ferrars

The Other Devil's Name

Andrew Basnett #4

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Andrew Basnett may be retired from academia, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped his former colleagues from dumping problems in his lap. This time around it’s the peppery Constance Camm, whose neighbors keep disappearing. Miss Camm and her sister, Mollie, might be tempted to shrug things off, were it not for a frightening letter. “I know where you buried the body,” says the letter, but…to which disappeared neighbor does the letter refer? And why was it sent to Mollie, who hasn’t been burying anything? Spurred by a desire to help a friend (and—admit it!—by his own curiosity), Professor Basnett starts poking around. But his efforts uncover more than one village skeleton, and they may call up more than anyone has bargained for.

Miss Ferrars combines, to an extraordinary degree, novelistic instinct and first-rate craftsmanship. She is an important and somewhat underestimated writer.” —New York Times

Who's likely to like this: Fans of BritBox and Miss Jane Marple

2021 • Fiction/Mystery • 205 pages • ISBN: 9781631942549

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