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Fat Chance

Charlie Sheldon

Fat Chance

$ 14.95
Two lonely strangers, an out-of-town hotel…what could be the harm in a little extracurricular activity? For Jean and Frank, those are famous last words. Before they can say “Was it good for you, honey?” a camera flashes, and they are trapped in a dirty cop’s blackmail sting. And Fallon, the cop, ensnares the hapless cameraman for good measure. A bored suburban housewife, a computer consultant slumping into middle age, and a petty thief frantic to stay out on parole—it’s no wonder Fallon and his cronies see the trio as the perfect patsies. But the blackmailers soon discover that underestimation is a dangerous game, as the patsies turn the tables, transforming themselves into that fearsome sword of retribution, The One-Night-Stand Gang. Originally published in 1991, Fat Chance is a rare kind of novel: a suburban neo-noir peopled with fully recognizable characters.

"A complex sting with a cast of memorable characters in a piece of extremely enjoyable escapism"—Toronto Star

Who's likely to like this: Fans of Donald Westlake's "Dortmunder" series

2006 • Fiction/Mystery • 288 pages • ISBN: 9781933397450

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