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March 13, 2014

Thursday Quiz: Mysterious Flowers

Looking at the lush photo on the cover of Shooting in the Dark, we couldn’t resist giving this week’s nod to flowers in mystery fiction.

    1. The poisonous potential of common garden plants was a favorite theme in classic mystery fiction. What pretty plant with pinky-purple flowers is occasionally known as Dead Man’s Bells, contains compounds that even today are used to treat congestive heart failure, and was used to kill in The Thirteen Problems, the collection of short stories that introduced the world to Miss Jane Marple?
    2. Noir fiction is often thought of as the exclusive playground of American writers, but the very British James Hadley Chase knocked this theory into a cocked hat with this 1939 gangster-novel with flowers in the title. Name it.
    3. If you want an Arabian Mystery, what lavender-and-white flower are you hoping to plant in your garden?
    4. Carola Dunn writes a charming series set in the 1920s about an amateur sleuth with what flower-y first name?
    5. What three mystery novels together form what is often known as the “Blue Rose” trilogy, by this author who, wearing his horror-hat, also wrote the supremely creepy Shadowland?
    6. Nero Wolfe was famously a sleuth, a gourmet, and obsessed with what rare blooms?
    7. The final “Chip Harison” novel, by Lawrence Block, is essentially an homage to Nero Wolfe. What’s the flower-y title?

Last week’s quiz, now with an answer!



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