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Thursday Quiz: Heat

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s still cold in Gotham, so I think we need a hot-weather quiz. Please answer in the comments.
    1. Where is the Goldeneye estate, and who famously owned it? 2. Which well known fictional detective encountered Death on the Nile? 3. There are two men at the heart of the short story “August Heat.” One is an artist. What is the other man’s profession? 4. In Katherine Neville’s The Eight, accountant Catherine Velis is sent by her employer to what desert nation? 5. The classic paranoid political thriller The Year of Living Dangerously was made into a 1982 film in which the young (and not yet crazy) Mel Gibson sweated a lot to very good effect. What country was he sweating in, and who were his leading ladies?

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