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Thursday Quiz: Tough Guys

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e've been talking about cozies a lot, so we figured we'd change things up a bit. How well do you know your Tough Guys?
    1. One of the best of the new breed of tough guys is Michael Connolly’s Harry Bosch. In the Edgar-winning The Black Echo, he has frequent memories of his time in Viet Nam. What did he do In Country?
    2. Already Dead, by Charlie Huston, introduces Joe Pitt, a freelance fixer in lower Manhattan. Joe has one kind of physical challenge; his girlfriend, Evie, has another. What are they?
    3. Neal Carey is a part-time sleuth and part-time grad student, so maybe think of him as semi-tough. He made his debut in Don Winslow’s A Cool Breeze On the Underground (much of which he spent, no surprise, in London), but in the second in the series, The Trail to the Buddha’s Mirror, he heads instead to Asia, with some disastrous consequences. Where exactly is he held captive?
    4. Spenser, the hard-driving hero of Robert B. Parker’s long-running series, is often called on to explain the odd spelling of his name. What 16th-century poem does he reference by way of explanation?
    5. The author is George Pelecanos, the place is Washington, DC, and the time is 1976. Everybody’s talking about King Suckerman. Who or what are they talking about?
Last week's quiz, now with an answer.

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